Delhi Rain ( Full of surprises )

Monday, July 27, 2009 Edit This 2 Comments »
Since a long time there was no rainfall in Delhi but when it is raining today, it showed its unexpected results to me. I m writing this article while I m in traffic only since 2 and half hours and have not covered even one- third of the distance to my home from college.

Rain was not stopping and we were hungry, so we planned to go somewhere for light snacks. But the weather was so bad that we were drenched from top to bottom the moment we moved out of the car. That was not all. The service of the sweet shop (where we went) was so slow that we got fed up and left the place without eating anything. Then we went to another one and finally had something to eat. After that we again came to the road.

Right now I am in the middle of Hyaat fly over and the best hilarious moment is that people have left their cars and roaming around on the roads as if they are doing night walk. I have never seen such colourful Delhi( with cars all around you) at 12 o clock . Yes , the next day has just begun and I have to leave my home at 7:45am again. My friend Rupu is constantly cracking PJ’s and suffering from nature’s call lolz.. Another friend is feeling hungry but we don’t have anything to eat , not even a drop of water to drink.

The tragedy does not end here. Our parents are constantly calling with mixed opinions. One friend’s parents are suggesting to stay back at our friends place while my parents are suggesting to come back home. Another problem is that of communication channel. My cell’s battery is low, one friend does not have balance and third friend don’t have connectivity. Wow , this is the best situation to face after hectic college. Now it z 12:30 and luckily the traffic is moving slowly from the speed of 2km/hr to 10km/hr. One friend is driving, one has dose off and I m engrossed in writing.

The song which is currently running on 93.5 radio is “ Jaadu Hai Nasha Hain” and in between news channel saying that Delhi’s road are heavily jammed, many people have died, trees have fallen down and cracks have appeared on roads at some places. I don’t know why I am writing all this but may be because every normal being will be pissed off in such situation.
Now it’s the time to end the story now because it is abt my journey to home and I have finally reached home at 1am .

Good Night !!
Keep smiling !!!!

P.S : Just praying to God that dz type of journey should never come agn..