Deutsch- Effekt ( German Effect )

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Guten Abend - Good Evening

This semester I am learning German.. Since for the first time I am studying and learning a foreign language , so it is both very exciting and difficult..I am not a bookaholic and dnt study regularly, so as usual opened the German book a day before the German Exam. First I thought of starting German but then recalled that OMG !! i have another exam on the same day n that too Finance..Cant afford not to study that.

I was in dilemma n it was time for trade off b/w German n Fin. After wasting a hell lot of time , finally i decided that I will study Fin n in b/w whnevr i will be bored , I will switch to German.

So I guess after studying for half day , finally i switched to German. The moment I started, I felt that I am gone and I am surely gonna flunk bcz these das, die , der, unser, diese, dieser, dieses, ein, eine will make me mad..( By the way, these words mean A , AN, THE , THIS ). One must be wondering that I wrote 9 words but just four meanings. Well , Dz z German :)

Der/Dieser - The/This for Masculine
Die/Diese - The/This for Feminine
Das/Dieses - The/This for Neutral

Wht's this crap ? I guess 'The' is 'The' n whts d adv f confusing d lang so much for ordinary people like me by including masculine, feminine or neutral.

Similarly, there are some very funny n strange words like -

1. Vergangenheit - Means ' past '. Pronunciation -> F- r- gain - gun - height. By the time u will pronounce it , it will already be past.
2. Auf Wiedersehen - Means ' bye- bye' . Bye bye kam n abusive language jyada lagti h.
3. Bleistift - Means ' pencil '. I dont knw why such a strnge name for simple word. Children will be scared of asking pencils if they have to ask in Germn.
4. Kugelschreiber - Means ' Ball pen '. Pronunciation -> Ku - gal - sh - ra - e - b - r. It seems like a word used for Kings of ancient times. Never thought that owing a pen will make one so proud.
5. Bonbon - Means ' Toffee '. The pronunciation seems as if a dog is making sound.

But there are some good and interesting words also. Like -

1. Liebe - Means ' Love '. Seems like a very cute word.
2. Bitte -Means ' Please '. I dont knw if it z intersting for others, but i like it.
3. Ruhe - Means ' Keep quiet ' . Short and simple.
4. Uhr - Means ' Watch ' . Pronounced as -> oo - a - r. Seher uhr ( See watch ) :). Although it seems like hindi version of 'pig' but atleast it is easy to pronounce.
5. Ja - Means ' Yes' . Best part is that it is pronounced as ' Ya '.

While studying German , I thought let's try and write 5-6 simple sentences about myself that I wrote probably last time in 1st standard at school. Read with concentration : It is always good to learn something new.

1. Ich heißt Swati Jain
2. Meine vorname ist Swati
3. Meine nachname ist Jain
4. Ich habe zwei Brüder ( This double dot is known as umlaut )
5. Ich bin zweiundzwanzig jahre alt.
6. Ich arbeite nicht.

Could not write much because I knw limited German and I dint have time to waste in stressing so much just one hour before exam.

Well the conversion is simple :)

1. My name is Swati Jain
2. My first name is Swati
3. My last name is Jain
4. I have 2 Brothers
5. I am 22 years old
6. I am not working

Although I was scared of German when i opend the material yet I enjoyed it later. Hope i will be an expert in dz ;) Quite impossible bcz Sir said 'For that u need to study it for atleast 2 years' n I have to study for 3 months out of which 1 month is gone.

P.S : Try a new language if getting bored in life or want to have fun. ( Bcz in every lang u will find funny words n quotes )

Gute Nacht - Good Night :)