Different Morning...

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Finally after continuous effort of 1 month, I woke up at 6:15 A.M today for morning walk when Usually I woke up after 9 A.M.
Some unexpected conversations that happened:

Between Me n MOM:

MOM: Swati, u r awake at this time, Dint u sleep last night?
Me: Yes I did. Just woke up and going to Park.
MOM: Speechless…

Between Me n DAD:

DAD : (Saw me in the park, Confused ) , Beta have you come here to call me?
Me: No
DAD: Den?
Me: I have come for a walk.
DAD: Did u sleep at Chacha place last nyt? ( As park is near to my old house and I was in party last nyt so he was not aware where I slept )
Me: No
DAD: So, that means you have come from our house here just for walk .
Me: Yes
DAD: Speechless…

Now I was back to Home: Both bro n Bhabhi were surprised..

Between Me n BRO:

At 10:30: I was free, had my bath and breakfast and was planning to sleep, Suddenly
My bro asked: Wanna come to factory with me?
Me: Leave it
Bro: What happened?
Me: Stop kidding agn.
Bro: I am serious
Me: This time I was speechless :)

Den I reached the factory. Bro explained the processes manually via Flow Chart. Den I went for a round of whole factory, saw every activity and give some tips to bro for improvement. Dnt knw how many tips will be applicable ( aftr all I m a fresher ). After that I went to my Uncle’s factory, saw and understood their functioning also.

I had a gr8 experience. I felt like Industry Visits I used to have during MBA studies. Hopefully looking forward to more such visits ( Cond Apply * )

P.S: Jaise Daag ache hote h , shayad subah uthna bhi Acha hota h :)

GUJRATI Wedding....

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Writing after a long break …Now my MBA is over and I m having Masti these days..

This post is about Gujrati Wedding of my best friend ( Sunny ) at FORE. Attending his marriage was like one of the dream come true. Thanx Lord Krishna and my family for the support.

Day 0 : V friends met and went to Ahmedabad in train.

Day 1 ( Till Evening )

From Ahmedabad, we took small journey in Bus to reach Sunny’s place. First time I travelled in Volvo wd friends. The bus had 5 mins halt in b/w and then called everyone in bus. That time I felt like Bollywood movies when Hero Heroine usually gt late n miss d bus. Obviously nothng was like that but still I felt..On arrival, his family gave warm welcome and served Gujrati food. Preparation and taste was different from North Indian food and Puran Poli and Chaach were the best. We also ate Khandvi which acc to Rohan was Gujrati Pasta :). Den we went to accommodation arranged for friends – Sunny’s New house.

Day 1 ( Evening )

First function that we attended was Garbha night. Unique thing was that evrythng was systematic. People have standard way of dancing with highly synchronous steps and lively n energetic dance. Even I tried it and learned 2 - 3 patterns. V never knw tht Sunny dances so well. Traditions and timings are followed religiously. Dresses were also traditional. All men in Sherwani, Ladies in Lehanga choli with special effect to their hair style – Chotla ( this is what they call it ).

Day 2: Marriage Day

Due to tiredness of journey and dance, we missed morning ceremonies and went for lunch. After that it was time to get ready for marriage as marriage time was late afternoon. Due to some reasons, I got late for the wedding and missed the dancing part in Baraat. Priya was dressed in White red saree for Jai Mala. She was looking absolutely stunning and was like show stopper. Sunny wore Sherwani and was looking like a King. ‘Jai Mala’ ceremony took place peacefully.

Then Priya came in another outfit which is known as ‘ Ghar Chola’ ( Red printed saree ). After that rest all ceremonies took place followed by Dinner and Vidaai. Women from bth sides cried and Priya was confused whether to cry or to be happy :).

2 noticeable things were:

  • Bride and Groom sit on exclusive chairs during Phere whereas in my tradition they sit on floor.
  • Here one man usually Groom’s friend and one women usually Bride’s Bhabhi became their best man and women i.e they were with the bride and groom throughout marriage.

Day 3: Reception

First 2 days v were late but v reached on time on Reception. Finally we learned their culture. This event was the grandest one and people were in most stylish and modern outfits. Here many things were common with Delhi marriages – Food, Dresses, Bollywood songs etc.

Sunny and Priya went to stage in the Bollywood style – Hand in hand, walking in the middle path to reach to the stage. Guests were assembled and had their places before their entry. The function started with a video covering Sunny life till now. Then one by one, guests went to the stage to give their blessings to the couple.

Here also everything was systematic – Guests were standing in queues waiting for their turn to go to stage(Wow)..It was amazing scene – Just like we wait outside temple to meet the Deity. We met the couple on the stage, had our dinner and left from the venue to our homes.

This is all about my Best Friend’s Wedding. In short, a wonderful journey and experience of a new culture.

Three things about Gujrati People that I noticed–

  • Cute ( Gals specifically ),
  • Down-to-earth
  • Pure by heart.

P.S : Now I m realizing tht I have written too much. But I cant help, I had unforgettable memories..