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Recently I got the opportunity to do the Part-I course of Art of Living. I was tracking it since 3 years bt due to one rsn or d othr, never joined. Initially, I thought that there is only one course that all people do and many of my friends have done bt aftr joining it, I realized that there is a list of 6-7 different courses and I am jus doing Part-1. The 6 days journey was entirely a new and unimaginable exp. It made me thought about various things that I never evn cared about; ranging frm smallest to largest. For the first time in my life, I was with myself and thought about my existence. I realized that every 1 can be happy in any situation only if he/she wish to. Every1 thinks about welfare of others but somehow they have forgettn their existence due to peer pressure and other boundations. Art of Living helps one in realizing your true self , making one free from unnecessary boundations. Some beautiful thoughts that I discover during my learning there are:

1) Live in Present as Present is inevitable.

2) We are responsible for our actions and non-actions.

3) Be positive in life. Things will improve soon.

4) Accept people as they are.

5) Anger and frustration lead us nowhere.

6) Respect all.

7) Don’t be the football of other’s opinions. Listen to all but follow what is good for you in the long run.

8) Don’t waste time in searching/ looking for intention behind other people work.

9) Our Mind says: Whatever you resist, I persist. So, be very careful in taking decisions in life.

Last but not the least,

10) Something which gives happiness in short run but gives pain in long run should be avoided. For instance, Smoking and Drinking.

P.S 1: I want to suggest all my friends, family members and enemies to join Art of Living once in Life. Trust me, it will be a wonderful experience for you. Just spare some time for yourself.

P.S 2: Be Happy and Keep smiling...