New journey at Fore..

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Recently , I have taken admission in Fore, a journey to a whole new world proudly known as MBA. Today was only the third day at Fore but the memories n happiness has been engraved in my brain for lifetime.

First Day : Could not sleep the previous night bcz f the tension tht I would have to wake at 6 n reach on tym .But I managed ( Thnx to my extra punctual frnds ). We had to sit in Audi from 9am to 5pm continuously for the introduction session by all the respected faculty members n teachers, with only 20 min brk in between. Since before college, my activities comprises sleeping n eating so it ws burdensome to sit there cont w/o meals . But I managed though I ws exhausted completely aftr reaching home. Good point was that I dint feel aloof n lonely even for a second as I knew so many in advance.

Thnx to Orkut..

Second Day : Commencement of classes and all the classes were good. Rather I should say that the teachers r adroit, skillful n dexterous. They taught us in simple terms tht could be grasped by students of all academic background. That day I interacted with more new class fellows n best part was : Around 20 of us had lunch together in canteen ,shared food n snatched sweet dish like old friends..

Third Day : Well it is my bday 2day and I was excited because first time I had to go to clg or sch on my bday. Almost evry fresher was greeting me with bday wishes and trust me I was on Cloud Nine bcz I dint even dream of such response on the third day in a new college. I attended the classes but after that wht happened was far beyond expectation. My classmates and friends arranged a surprise party for me n I was completely ignorant. I would not like to mention the names of only few bcz every1 was equally enthusiastic. The moment I entered the canteen I was welcomed by Birthday wishes from 30 of my classmates. It was followed by candle blowing ceremony n cake cuttin ceremony n after that I was loaded with cake ( From hair to mouth 'n' hands to shirt 'n' trousers to shoes 'n' throat to nose ) . I ws lookin even worse than Dracula but this celebration will always be one of the 'Golden Memories' .

In Short , Good Team Spirit n Gr8 Start to a new world !!

P.S : Thanx alot to all my Fore friends who put too much effort and pain for arranging such a delicious cake n get together..

Dedicated to my Friends...

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First of all,
Happy Birthday to you..
Happy Birthday to you..
Happy Birthday my dear Blog..
Happy Birthday to you.

On the first anniversary on my Blog , I am here expressing my feelings and some nostalgic days of my wonderful 3 years of College Life and every word written below is dedicated to my friends as none was possible without their company...

Special Thnx to all my friends w/o whom my clg life would not have been the way it was...

01. College first lecture : I had injury on neck and had to visit the doctor so reached the college late. I located the class n found tht Digital Electronics lecture was goin on. I was late by mere 30 mins n she dint allow me to enter. I tried to explain but all in vain. I waited outside till the lecture was over. Later, when I explained her, she apologized for being so rude.

02. Exams Fever : I was famous in my group for exam sickness. Still we used to have last moment studies at My place, Sim's place, Nishi's place, Mal's place, College library n Ground, LP, Sports Complex, Computer lab, Arts faculty, Dominos, Nirulas and last but not the least on Phones.

In short,

Datesheet + Get togethers + Gossip + Masti + Sickness + Little Studies = Exams Clear.

Hurry !!!!

03. Birthday Ceremonies : It was always a special occasion for us. Blowing candles, Cutting cakes, B'Day bombs in LP n Sports area, than Birthday treats, movies etc at varied locations namely K.Ngr, CP, Rajouri, Netaji, Rohini etc etc.

For us, birthdays were like festivals.

04. April Fool : My 3 very good friends proudly known as ' Gandhiji ke tin bandar ' played a very awful prank on 1st April. We had holiday n 1 of dem informed us that Mr Kiddy met with a major accident n was hospitalized. V were perplexed about this sudden shocking news. So, Champu n Hacker went to c him n it was decided that v gals would go later. But when they reached there, the situation was out of d blue. Those three were together n Kiddy was perfectly alright. But Hacker n Champu took the right revenge from our sides by battering Rabi at his place. That time I was angry on them but now when I think of it, I just smile ..

Truly said by someone : Happy memories of the past makes u cry and sad memories of the past makes u smile in present.

05. Juniors Fresher : We decided 'Rajasthani Theme' for our Juniors and we were so enthusiastic and high-spirited that we started the preparation 1 month earlier. We were more excited than our juniors. We used to stay in college till 6 n designed Matkas, Plates, Rangoli n evry possible thing related to Rajasthani Theme. We also gave Dance performance which was appreciated by all. The best thing was the compliment from the Bestest Teacher - " You Guys have raised the level of Freshers in Hansraj. No1 had ever taken n will take so much pain in organizing such a wonderful event". Those moments were the best.

06. Unlimited Rock Concerts : Ya it is true that we had unlimited Rock Concerts in our Class Rooms, LP, Sports Complex, Comp Labs, Audi, Barista etc etc by our very own Gaurav Sir. He is not just a Sir. He z a Friend, Philosopher, Guitarist, Singer, Guide n what not. We gave him the 'Best Student Award' on Farewell due to his evergreen young looks. Recently their first CD has been released named Void * Star. Not for sale but available on YouTube.

In Simple words , Gaurav Sir Rocks !!!

07. Mass Bunk : We had horrible class test (Class test r always horrible no matter how easy they are) conducted by Maa Sir. Maa because the abbreviation of his name is 'MA' so we used to call him Maa :). Since no1 was prepared for it so we planned a Mass Bunk..Mass bunk was not a usual scenario for our course but we notorious could do anything. So we went on Mass Bunk but like every class there were 7-8 courteous students in my class also who were afraid on the name on Bunk n they went for the test. We Bunkers went to play Cricket in the Clg Ground. Coincidently that day the class was opp to d grnd n v were totally unaware. Somehow he came to know about us ( may be by our hullabaloo ). The invitation was sent by him for us n we turned tails. The following morning we were expecting a big explosion but surprisingly, he dint scold.

In Short, Successful Bunk n Good Cricket.

08. Sports : Mostly during intermissions and free periods , we used to hover in the sports area and enjoyed playing various games namely Badminton, Carrom, Chess , Cricket, Basketball etc. I still remember that our dept had Cricket matches wd other depts for 2 consecutive years n v lost both the times.But the everlasting fun we had in cheer leading n preparation was far more than defeat.

Cheers to Comp Sc (H) . Hip Hip Hurray !!

09. College trip : It lasted for 4 days and 1 day was equivalent to 1 year. We enjoyed in every possible way : Singing , Dancing, River Crossing, Rappling, Pillow passing, Damsharaas, Tambola, Uno, Playing Cards, Falling from bus seat n varied bruises, Puke by many, Musical Chairs( No1 knew that I cheated to make Rabi won but still he dint win ( Shayad usme nakal ke liye akal nahi thi :), Bonfire, Leisurely walk in cool breeze, Bus climbing, Boat ride, Jeep ride in jungle etc etc..Hope that wonderful time could recur.

10. College Farewell Party : It was organized on 4th April followed by final practical on 3rd April. Everyone was looking gorgeous and fantabulous in ethnic attire. We were busy in preparing momentos for the teachers, PPT of our college memories n songs dedication for our fellow mates rather than preparing for Viva. Evry1 shared their experiences on the podium and I n Nishi almost cried :) Than the unforgettable comments by our teachers : " We can never have such a wonderful batch again in our teaching life..Most notorious yet the best". Just one thing was missing that the guys could not perform due to some invalid reasons lolz . After farewell , we went for long drive in 6 cars one after the other. Wow ! It was real fun...

If someone will ask where is Heaven, I will say it is in company of Good Friends..

P.S 1 : I know the post has been elongated but if I will compare it with my college life than these r just few anecdotes. In the company of my friends, I learned how to handle n react in different situations; how to c d world arnd u; how to learn things, how to c d in-depth perspective of things, how to remain down-to-earth and the list goes on n on..

P.S 2 : Last but not the least , Thanx to my tuition friend who inspired me to write something special on my blog's first anniversary.