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Today, at around 9:30pm, I was returning from my relative's place. I was struck in traffic congestion and have nothing to do, so just peeped out of the window to read the quotes and slogans written on the dorsal of cars and trucks ( I like reading such quotes for time pass ). One thought touched me. It says :

God Gives and Still ForGive
Man Gets and Always ForGet..

Although the above thought is very simple yet it depicts the Human nature as if it is omnipresent.

HaNd WRiTiNG..

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As I mentioned earlier that I have nothing to do these days and Idle mind is Devils workshop, so weird thoughts are coming..

Few days back I was engrossed in thoughts..( Gosh I can even do that )..D thought was regarding our Handwriting. Is there any logic behind handwriting ? When we enter our school life, the first thing teacher teaches us is how to write ? Although a teacher teaches equally to all and all hv to write in the same Cursive Writing book but why evry1 has different handwriting..

This evoked my curiosity and I searched about this. Obviously I am not planning to become a Graphoanalyst lolz..But when I studied about this , I was moved by the outcome.. Writing is nothng but Brainwriting. It is known that brain sends impulses along the nervous system to the hand and it results in handwriting of a particular person. Handwriting can depict our moods, strengths, weaknesses, attitude, intelligence, nature etc etc..

I applied the theories on my handwriting and it elucidates almost evrything about my personality trait. I said almost because I am an amateur in this and d process of analysis is not a child's play. Whtevr I understood , I applied it on my handwriting and d result was absolutely correct.

Now I am planning to apply the theories on different persons and I hope that d result will be amazing there also..

P.S : What I concluded is that our evry small activity has a reason behind it and nothng z meaningless in our lives..


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Life is about ups and downs:
When we are down, it brings infinite assurance;
When we are up, it teaches not to have arrogance..

Life is about dos and dont's:
When we do well, we receive affection;
When we don't, we receive rejection..

Life is about give and take:
When we give help, we gain;
When we seek help, we dnt have brain..

Life is about good times and bad times:
When we have a good time, we cherished;
When we have bad times, we are anguished..

Life is like two sides of a coin:
At times we are the winner,
The other times we are the loser..

P.S : But still we live , laugh n sleep..
So enjoy evry moment as time passed can nvr be recalled..

Best Lines..

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Strange but very true lines ..( From Namaste London )

Kehne Ko Saath Apane Ek Duniya Chalti Hai
Per Chhupke Is Dil Mein Tanhaayi Palti Hai
Bas Yaad Saath Hai
Bas Yaad Saath Hai ..

At some point of time in life everyone face this situation..

Top 10 Problems : Difficult to deal with..

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10. I am Short-Tempered. I always mess up things in anger.

09. My Obsession for Cleanliness. Many times it create problematic situations.

08. I am a Chatterbox. But still dont know what to talk at the required tym.

07. I Trust people easily. My heart hurts many times because of this.

06. I want to be Cheerful in every situation. But cannot tolerate my own happiness for long.

05. I am the Laziest person. Still I hate being Idle and wants to be busy.

04. I want to be an Independent gal. People consider this as my Self-centred attitude.

03. I speak from Heart . Every1 consider this as my childish nature.

02. I am an emotional person. God knows why my tear glands cannot control themselves.

Last but not the Least...

01. I am addicted of my friends. But I frequently get irritated by them or by myself ( Dont Know).

Visit to Vrindavan

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Yesterday I went to Vrindavan..I have visit this place earlier also but this time something was different. May be because dz tym I went somewhre wid my family (After 9 long years).

I wake up 4 hours early den my normal schedule of 8:30. v left d house at 6. When I crossed Bangla Sahib I was bedazzled by d crowd - Did I rise so early or half d world rise so early ? After traveling arnd 3 hours v reached Vrindavan ( Childhood place f Krishna ji )..

First time I dint find too much crowd In Baanke Bihari Temple and got honour to spend 10mins in front of d Deity. Co-incidently first time I visited Iskcon( International society for Shri Krishna Conscious ) temple too..I had been there many times but either due to shortage of time or temple timings I never got d opportunity to visit it. The unique feature I noticed dere is tht every Rickshw puller says ' Radhe Radhe ' whnever he wnts to blow horn. Some of the eatables one must have there are - Lassi , Dhokla n Tikki with Chole..

After that v went to Barsana( Birth Place of Radha Ji ). We visited the main temple dere n after some rest v left for home around 5pm. On d return journey, I saw tht One poor lady fell from d bike alongwd her 6-7 months old baby. Her saree got stuck in the wheel. Our driver, me and my bro went outside to c. Her both arms n shoulders were bruised and the baby had scratches on d face n right arm. I felt really bad. V searched for First Aid in our car bt couldnt find. V gave them water ( as it was too hot ) and Johnson's Baby Powder of my nephew ( Tht ws d only thing v could arrange). God bless them both..

V proceed further n was welcomed by strong winds n dirt..Some trees fell in d way so v found it unsafe to travel. V stopped for sometime at a safe place. Thnk God light shower came n d storm stopped. We had our Dinner at d newly opened outlet of Haldiram's Faridabad. Finally we reached home by midnight..

I was too tired n went to sleep..That was my sunday :)


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Yesterday I watched Mp3. Some must be thinking what z this just like I was thinking when I first heard of it. It z a Hindi movie named Mera Pehla Pehla Pyar. It was released in 2007 but not known to many bcz it is small budget movie with no famous characters.

Den y I watched that movie? The reasons goes like dz :

Firstly bcz I m total Vella these days so getting really bored.
Secondly bcz I hav not seen any movie since 3 months.
Thirdly bcz I saw one of its video song on Orkut (Tht's wht I m doing these days 4 tp) and I liked it.

So I downloaded d movie. It took around 7 hrs for its downloading ( Thnx to unlimited net ).

Full time pass movie f 1 hr and 47 mins n some might relate dz movie with their sch n clg days..

D story z not so unique but d songs r in Hindlish . Tht z wht I like d most..
D story goes like this : 1 Boy in 12-B , 1 Girl in 11-C. Both fall in love with each other but r unaware. Gal went to Paris , both realised their love but situation does not let them express their feelings. Boy went to Paris behind her ( jugar kaise karta h wo interesting hai ).

Now how they meet n how they express their feelings? For that watch d movie n njoy..

P.S 1 : I m idle tht's y writing such post..I apologise 4 wasting ur tym.
P.S 2 : Everything written above is just my belief. Dont blame if u dont like d movie.