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1. Span of 12 years.---------- Span of 3 years.
2.Rules to be followed strictly.------ No rules to be followed.
3.No fresher’s party.------- Fuchchas crazy for fresher’s party.
4.One boring uniform in 12 yrs.------ Everyday new outfit.
5.One is aware of all the teacher.---- hai? She/He is also our college teacher?
6.Republic and Independence day has a significant importance--- It comes every year..whats the big deal.
7.Daily studies and weekly outings.-- Daily outings and weekly studies.
8. 35 min lecture.------------- Everlasting 55 min lecture.
9.Don’t know what is proxy?----- Proxies are essential in a lecture.
10.No bunking and strictly studying.------No studying and strictly bunking:)
11.No fest at all.---------------- Dance n masti in fest every year.
12. No glamour and fashion.-----It is all about glamour and fashion.

True Friends...

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Friends are like Heaven, may be six or seven.

They will never let u in grief, but just have a belief.

They will listen to your crap, but still will clap.

Whenever u r manky, they will give u their hanky.

Whenever u has fear, u will found them near.

When u feels like a nap, they will bring their lap.

They will sharp your brain, even in bus or train.

They care like a mother n scold like a father.

You can talk to them, u can dance with them.

You can share your secrets w/o any regrets.

May be my thoughts r not good but I wrote them in full mood.

With this, I m ending but its just another beginning…

Me n myself

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People say I am mad,
But I say I am not that bad.

Some says I am Jhansi ki Rani,
But I say I am a simple prani :)

Some say I am a chatterbox,
But without it I am a dumb fox.

Some says I am naughty,
But are these meant for the age of forty.

Some says that my mind has defect,
But I say that no one is perfect.

Some says that I muck about,
But I say that my mind is full of any doubt.

Some says I am affable,
But I say I am not that capable.

Some says my future is bright,
But till now there is no light.

Some will say that this composition is dry,
But I will say that it is my first try.