Masti Time..

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Before I begin I wanna wish HAPPY NEW YEAR to my blog and all my friends. The new year is a nice beginning for me. The reasons r many : exams r over, 1/3th of MBA is complete ( not bad ) , after 6 months of MBA finally got 10 days of break, outing with friends after long time, new year eve celebration, new year celebration, n last but not the least visit to Vrindavan.

First 23 days of December 09 were hectic. Projects, viva, assignments, ppts n exams, sleepless nights, travelling , cold,cough,fever, n vomiting ( Yuks ) . Life seemed like Hell. I said to myself “ Boss MBA is not that easy”. N not to discuss about exams as they r meant to be just over. Like after every worst days, comes the happy days , so they came.

I felt like an independent girl ready to fly in the open sky.

First two days of holidays i just slept n slept to recover my lost strength.

The next day was 25th Dec ie Christmas so went to CP Catholic Church with friends. The waiting time in queue was min of 2 hours and we were getting late so thought once of going back. I forgot that i have wonderful incorrigible friends with no scope of improvement. They planned something and went ahead. With the help of some weird excuses they took the entry in the queue very near to the entrance of Church. Later I also joined them. We saved approx 1 n half hrs.

I went there for the first time co-incidentally on D Day so expectation was high. I expected huge celebration n decoration inside church. Although it was very calm n peaceful inside yet it was not according to my imagination. People were just entering and leaving. The fans and desk were not properly aligned and deco of Christmas tree was better in Malls than of Church. I think most of the things is better in privatisation thse days. Still I had amazing time followed by wrong journey in Metro. We wre so engrossed in Gossip and chatting that we dint notice that we have taken wrong Metro. So after roaming 1 hr in Metro for actual distance of 15mins we reached our respective places. In short, the time saved by wrong entry in queue was balanced.

Next day I went for Super hit Block Buster Movie who did business of 250crores. By this time everyone has come to know what I am talking about. Yes, it is 3 IDIOTS. I hope no explanation required about the story and movie. No one can beat Rancho uff chote uff Wangdu uff Aamir’s acting be it Andaaz apna apna, Dil Chahta Hai, Rang De Basanti, Taare Zameen Par, Ghazini or 3 idiots. He is 'The Best'.

O o.. I forgot to mention about my visit to ICD Dadri ( dry port ) in UP just week before exams. We got stuck in traffic and were already late by 2 hours then estimated time, so Sir n we all decided to walk as ICD was 2 Kms away 4m dre. ICD was of full of trucks and containers of 10 feet height n 20/40 feet length. I felt as if I am watching some shooting in which Heroine is hiding behind some container, villain is searching and hero will come and jump from the top of container to rescue her. Apart from hallucination I learned the basics about import and export.

Now back to holidays. New year eve was full of Masti which includes second time 3 idiots,outing, DJ night with neighbours and cousins, tambola etc till 3:30A.M. O God! I was very tired that day. This is how I said Adios/Bye Bye/ Alvida to 09.

I welcome 10 by waking up at 10. New year’s programme was visit to Dilli Haat. The moment I was about to leave home I got to know that I dint have car n my 3 friends were waiting 4 me to join me on the way. I had to cajole my bro to drop me till the place where my friends were waiting. We four travelled till Punjabi Bagh ( Oops I forgot my bro, I mean v 5 )and there one more friend was waiting for us. We joined her in her car n reached Dilli Haat. There we were interested less in stalls and more in different states food. Tried various diff state dishes, some good n some not so good. Then we said Alvida to our friend Kappi who came to Delhi to meet us. On return journey ,again we got stuck in heavy traffic.

Uff this traffic will consume 1/10th of my life. I was scolded at home because continuously for two days I was roaming n eating unhygienic stuff.

Someone says that what you do on New Year is followed whole year. This means that i will roam whole year. WOW!!..

The last holiday was also special. I went to Vrindavan. Although evry visit there is a unique experience for me yet this time also I had peace of mind and nice dharshan.

This time, I also visited Nidhi Van/Madhu Van. The Van is full of short trees of height 5 or 6 feet only. It is said that half of the trees are gopiyaas n half r Krishna n they become alive at night to do Raas-Leela. The unique thing about these trees is that the roots of the trees are connected to each other and these trees seems dry n dead from the root but are alive and green from the top. This Van is closed after the process of ARTI at 8p.m. A very mysterious conception is associated with this temple i.e. after the sacred process of ARTI, not only human beings, but any kind of single animal also can't remain in the periphery of this temple. In case anyone remains during night in the compass of the temple, either he / she becomes dumb, deaf, blind, lame or dies. He/she is not found hale and hearty in the morning to disclose the spiritual secret of the lord Radha-Krishna.

Walking bare foot in the Van in such cold weather was exciting plus difficult. The best part according to me was my Bhabhi. She did ‘ kikli’ there with my bro saying to my bro that ‘ You are my Krishna n I m ur Radha so let’s do Leela here ’ , that was really funny n sweet. I will not describe minutely about other things as I have described about them in length in earlier articles.

O ..At last i have written some anecdotes about my past 1 month. I can actually write 40-50 pages if I will write in detail but that will be too much to digest for me as well as others lolz.