Different Morning...

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Finally after continuous effort of 1 month, I woke up at 6:15 A.M today for morning walk when Usually I woke up after 9 A.M.
Some unexpected conversations that happened:

Between Me n MOM:

MOM: Swati, u r awake at this time, Dint u sleep last night?
Me: Yes I did. Just woke up and going to Park.
MOM: Speechless…

Between Me n DAD:

DAD : (Saw me in the park, Confused ) , Beta have you come here to call me?
Me: No
DAD: Den?
Me: I have come for a walk.
DAD: Did u sleep at Chacha place last nyt? ( As park is near to my old house and I was in party last nyt so he was not aware where I slept )
Me: No
DAD: So, that means you have come from our house here just for walk .
Me: Yes
DAD: Speechless…

Now I was back to Home: Both bro n Bhabhi were surprised..

Between Me n BRO:

At 10:30: I was free, had my bath and breakfast and was planning to sleep, Suddenly
My bro asked: Wanna come to factory with me?
Me: Leave it
Bro: What happened?
Me: Stop kidding agn.
Bro: I am serious
Me: This time I was speechless :)

Den I reached the factory. Bro explained the processes manually via Flow Chart. Den I went for a round of whole factory, saw every activity and give some tips to bro for improvement. Dnt knw how many tips will be applicable ( aftr all I m a fresher ). After that I went to my Uncle’s factory, saw and understood their functioning also.

I had a gr8 experience. I felt like Industry Visits I used to have during MBA studies. Hopefully looking forward to more such visits ( Cond Apply * )

P.S: Jaise Daag ache hote h , shayad subah uthna bhi Acha hota h :)


Surinder Bhutani said...

:) if i wud have got this day the title wud have been "Another new day" :)

saurabh said...
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saurabh said...

lols u shud hv written d title as speechless...al d best wid ur efforts of gettin up early.. :D

Swati Jain said...

@Surinder: Gud caption..I like it...

@Saurabh: Thnx 4 d suggestion...Ya i m trying to wake up early dese days..

Sunny said...

something i could learn from u.... :)

Siddhi Agrawal said...

oh and as a person to comment: I am speechless :)

surprising whole family, wow

Swati Jain said...

@siddhi: Cool :)

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